What is Vermutissimo?

Vermutissimo are unique recipes of natural fruits and spices that are added to the vermouth to transform it into an exceptional cocktail.

It has six different varieties and comes encapsulated to mix it easily with your vermouth.

Instructions: In a glass with ice, add 8cl. of your favourite vermouth and a capsule of the Vermutissimo you like the most, mix it up and enjoy! Optionally you can add siphon, tonic or the decoration that you want.

Ice Experience: Substitute the ice for two Vermutissimo frozen capsules of the same taste, add 8cl. of the vermouth you want and enjoy! When it melts, Vermutissimo transforms your vermouth into a cocktail that will evolve with each sip without being diluted.

These are the varieties of Vermutissimo.

  • Vermiglio Madeira: Brings to the vermouth very market sweet and spicy flavors that create a cocktail full of strength and energy pleasing to all palates. Main ingredients: Strawberry, pepper, cherry and bitter orange.
  • Giallo Panarea: The tropical and oriental flavours of the Giallo Panarea turn vermouth into a bright cocktail ideal for the most sophisticated palates. Main ingredients: passion fruit, anise, mango and lemon.
  • Verdino Açores: The combination of citrus and aromatic plants with the sweetness of vermouth create a fresh cocktail that allows you to enjoy the moment of the aperitif with serenity. Main ingredients: Lemon, lime and thyme.
  • Rosa Mikonos: Rosa Mikonons rejuvenates the vermouth thanks to the properties of pomegranate and ginger. The result is a delicate combination that satisfies discerning palates. Main ingredients: Pineapple, pomegranate, ginger, beetroot, rosemary and carrot.
  • Arancione Menorca: Orange and Mint, being widely consumed, make the combination of Arancione Menorca and vermouth an ideal life experience to share.Main ingredients: Orange, carrot and mint.
  • Porpora Itaca: The recipe of Porpora Itaca is very rich in species, this makes you savor every drink during the moment of vermouth and you will not want it to ever end. Main ingredients: Grape, caramel, orange, juniper, quasia and cilantro.

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